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Sting Soccer Foundation strives to be a leader in youth outreach, believing the more young lives we inspire, the greater impact felt in our communities. The strong leaders of tomorrow begin with our investment today.

Our Mission

The Foundation supports the soccer community in several ways:

What We Do

Financial Assistance

We know the investments we make in our youth will yield phenomenal results in the form of future community leaders.

Field Development

Making improvements to existing fields or breaking ground for new ones, Sting Soccer Foundation plants the seeds for success.

Community Service

Serving our community is the bedrock of our mission.

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Social Initiatives

We strive to be better, teach better, and do better.

We know the investments we make in our youth will yield phenomenal results in the form of future community leaders.

Financial Assistance:


Our foundation provides financial assistance to athletes who would not otherwise be able to play due to financial constraints. These scholarships make it possible to participate in the soccer season at the Academy and Club levels. This type of funding can cover program dues, uniforms, and also provide some tournament-play support. It is our honor to make these investments in our deserving players. The financial component is just one aspect. Once in the program, we share our dedication, our drive, our passion, our work ethic and our integrity. We understand that investing in our youth will produce future leaders whose own legacies will ultimately be significant.

Finncial Assistance

Field Development:

Making improvements to existing fields or breaking ground for new ones, Sting Soccer Foundation plants the seeds for success.

Our mission of teaching our youth the life lessons needed for success off the field begins with accessibility on the field. Soccer players cannot flourish and grow if there is no place to play. The Sting Soccer Foundation actively seeks opportunities to develop facilities to bring soccer and athletic programs to local municipalities. We often work with city councils to make improvements on existing fields and we support ongoing maintenance. Additionally, we aim to break ground for new facilities, introducing a community to youth soccer for the first time. We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of our youngest community members, knowing that our soccer programs teach so much more than how to kick, pass and protect a goal. Participating in sports teaches athletes how to be a team player, how to be a leader, how to be disciplined, how to show respect for your teammates, coaches, officials, and yourself. These lessons learned will prove invaluable throughout life.

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Developmet of Field

Community Service:

Serving our community is the bedrock of our mission.

We instill in our players the value of living a life of passion and purpose. Leading by example, we develop well-rounded people who act with integrity and embody the spirit of service. What we strive for every day is for our players to aspire to make positive contributions to the communities in which they live. “Sting Gives Back” is our mandate to each player to donate ten hours of their time to community service. Since we currently have over 2,600 athletes in our programs, this initiative will generate 10,000+ hours each year to noble endeavors. Past organizations that have benefited have included homeless shelters, children’s hospitals, veteran and military alliances, and animal rescues. We believe that the willingness to serve is a crucial building block to becoming an impactful leader. We provide our youth with those opportunities to serve their communities.

Community Service
Social Initatives

Social Initiatives:


We strive to be better, teach better, and do better.

The Sting Soccer Foundation partners with many different organizations

that are focused on achieving positive change. Social inequities and injustices are antithetical to who we are and what we are about. We champion equal rights for everyone, recognizing they are 'rights' and not privileges. Inclusiveness and fair opportunities for all are principles that we exemplify and will always support in our community. As an organization that began with the motivation to provide girls the opportunity to play on a level playing field as boys, we support all causes that empower women and recognize their value. The fight for equal pay, the #MeToo Movement, and breast cancer research are causes that are especially important to us. 


Ways To Give

Sponsor a Sting Player:

This sponsorship will contribute to a particular player’s Club dues allowing them the opportunity to compete year round.  

Sponsor a Sting Academy Player:

This sponsorship will contribute to a particular player’s dues at the Academy level. 

Contribute to Sting Soccer Team:

These contributions will go to a particular Team and can be allocated for that team’s specific needs. This can include team dues, uniforms, tournament fees or travel expenses. 

General Fund Donation:

These contributions will be collected in a general fund and are allocated through scholarships to families in need. Families can apply for these scholarships and they are awarded by the board members. 

Travel Fund Donation: 

There are travel expenses for players to attend out of town tournaments and events.  Your donation can make it possible for a player to attend events that their family can’t afford. 

Planned Giving

  • Endowments

  • Charitable Gift Annuities

  • Charitable Remainder/Lead Trusts

  • Legacy Gifts

  • Direct Cash Gifts, Stocks and Real Estate

Please Contact President, Alexa Sultzbaugh



Beginning July 1, 2022, the Sting Soccer Foundation will deduct a processing fee of 6.5% to all gifts and donations made to the Foundation to account for administrative and operational costs. To be effective, the Foundation requires financial resources to offset direct operating costs related to soliciting, processing and stewarding contributions. The processing fee is automatically deducted from the amount you choose to donate. You are not expected to increase your gift amount to pay the fee, although some may choose to do so.

The fee does not affect the tax deductibility of gifts and you will receive full credit for the total contributed amount. The processing fee applies to gifts made by credit card. To simplify these transactions for our donors, the Sting Soccer Foundation will absorb any credit card processing fees assessed for those credit cards processed by the Foundation.


Fundraisng Opportunity


The Easiest Way to Raise Funds for Sting Soccer Foundation

AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support Sting Soccer Foundation every time you shop, at no cost to you.

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